Where are the best villa neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch, FL?

Lakewood Ranch is over 33,000 acres, and honestly, the choices can be overwhelming.

Many of my clients, just like yourself, when they begin their initial housing search, find navigating such a large area that leads the United States in housing starts a bit daunting.

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Not every neighborhood or builder is the same. So finding a quality and trustworthy builder with a neighborhood that offers a lifestyle that you want to enjoy is my specialty.

I have lived in Lakewood Ranch for over a decade, and I help buyers from outside the area narrow their focus and guide them with the pros & cons of the various neighborhoods that Lakewood Ranch offers.

Best Villa Neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch

❓What is a Villa?

A villa is typically designed with an adjoining wall or attached to another residence. But, condos can also look that way sometimes.

The true way to tell if the residence is a villa is by the legal description. Villas offer you land ownership under your feet, whereas a condo is sharing ownership of any land. With a condo, you only own the airspace between your walls. But in a villa, you own the land and the walls, etc.

💸Why is it important to know the difference between a condo and a villa?

Not only is it important to know the difference from just an ownership perspective, but also it can impact resale and financing. For instance, financing a condo purchase in Florida may involve a larger down payment and a higher interest rate.

Villas are seen as “less risky” investments to mortgage companies, and therefore they are typically financed as single-family homes. In addition, VA loans will not allow financing for condos in Florida.

The resale of a villa allows for a significant number of buyers that can seek various loan products to complete a purchase. The easier to purchase, the more desirable the resale market can be.

🤷🏼‍♀️Why a Villa in Lakewood Ranch?

This Florida community boasts a vibrant and active lifestyle, from golf courses to hiking trails to boutique shopping.

Villas Del Webb Sarasota

Plus, with its convenient location near Sarasota and Bradenton, you’ll have access to all the culture, dining, and entertainment that the Gulf Coast has to offer.

Villas can be an ideal choice if you want to downsize or have a winter getaway. This lock it & leave it lifestyle affords you the flexibility to go for extended periods without worry of maintenance and repairs. Whereas single-family homes require additional upkeep and responsibilities, including finding contractors and negotiating repairs.

In addition, villas can provide an added level of security and safety with neighbors nearby.

Once inside a villa, you will be hard-pressed to distinguish between that and a single-family home. Moreover, most villa neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch offer detached garages for your car, golf cart, and added storage.

✅Criteria for The Best Villa Neighborhoods

What makes a good villa neighborhood in Lakewood Ranch? Based on feedback from buyers relocating to Lakewood Ranch, most were looking for active communities with things to do, such as Pickleball, and Mahjong, social functions where they could meet new friends, and a sense of security.

The criteria for choosing the best villa neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch came down to the following:

the entrance of the pool at del webb lakewood ranch
  • Amenities: fitness centers, swimming pool(s), recreational activities, clubhouses, golf courses, and restaurants.
  • Activities: What is the culture of the community? Are the organized social activities & variety of events.
  • Exclusivity: Do the villa residents have any private areas specially designated just for them?
  • Natural Surroundings: Are there walking trails, parks, and green spaces nearby?
  • HOA Fees: What do the HOA fees cover?

🎗️Just a reminder. Although some developments, such as Lakewood National, appear to have villas that meet the above criteria, those properties were recorded as condominiums. And therefore were omitted.

📝List of the Best Villa Neighborhoods in LWR

The villa list below is in random order. I have personally sold villas in all these communities in Lakewood Ranch. I categorized the neighborhoods based on two features, amenities and exclusivity.

Villa neighborhoods highlighted for the most amenities were based on what the community offered in terms of size for the neighborhood and demand. All of the villa communities listed do have amenities. However, some offer more and the HOA fees are higher as a result.

Exclusive villa neighborhoods offer something to the villa residents besides the overall neighborhood amenities.

🏓Villa Neighborhoods with the Most Amenities Lakewood Ranch

55+ Community with Villas in Lakewood Ranch

Del Webb: Del Webb is a larger community, with approx. 1230 residences. This neighborhood is larger than most mentioned here. Exclusively a 55+ community, Del Webb provides residents with an active physical and social lifestyle.

  1. Amenities: Large clubhouse (24,000 SF), gym, resort-style pool, restaurant, tennis, pickleball, and bocce ball courts.
  2. Activities: Full-time activities director, numerous clubs, and charity groups. The neighborhood’s culture involves volunteering and a strong veterans group.
  3. Exclusivity: Del Webb overall is exclusive due to the age restrictions. The paired villas are placed among the smaller single-family homes inside Del Webb. There is a satellite pool towards the rear entrance of Del Webb.
  4. Natural Surroundings: Del Webb has several beautiful walking paths inside the community; many are along shaded areas and larger ponds.
  5. HOA Fees: The HOA fees cover the maintenance of the common grounds and the yard work for your villa. However, you are responsible for the exterior maintenance of your villa.

Esplanade at Azario: Esplanade at Azario is a golf community with opportunities to build a villa. This builder does have inventory homes available. The average wait time for new construction here is about 1.5 years. If you do not want to wait long, ask me about ready move-in villas. ⛳️Golf is mandatory when you purchase a villa at Esplanade.

  1. Amenities: The golf course, the pickleball, and bocce ball courts are currently in use. The main clubhouse is nearing completion. Plus, there will be a gym, restaurant, pool, and more when finished.
  2. Activities: Esplanades are known for their rich amenities and active lifestyle. With a full-time activities director, groups and various clubs have already started.
  3. Exclusivity: The villas are located in particular sections of Esplanade at Azario. All the amenities are shared throughout the community.
  4. Natural Surroundings: Every time I visit this community, I see people out walking. In addition, you will find designated nature zones with protected green spaces.
  5. HOA Fees: Your fees are higher because this is a golf community. HOA fees cover golf and the maintenance of the common areas and yard. You are responsible for the maintenance of the exterior of your property.

Windward at Lakewood Ranch: Windward is located in the southern part of Lakewood Ranch. The multi-generational community, when completed, will be approximately 750 homes. The neighborhood has different size single-family homes and villas.

  1. Amenities: Two pools (one adult-only pool), a clubhouse, a fitness facility, and tennis & pickleball courts.
  2. Activities: A full-time activities director on site arranges neighborhood events and things to do outside the neighborhood. There is a pickleball group and other clubs currently in place.
  3. Exclusivity: The villas are located in a specific community section, away from the larger single-family homes. Residents share all the amenities.
  4. Natural Surroundings: You will find sections of shaded walking trails and numerous lush and preserved areas. This builder did a good job of saving the foliage and large trees throughout the community.
  5. HOA Fees: The HOA fees are in line with the amenities.

🥇Villa Neighborhoods with Exclusivity LWR

The exclusive villa neighborhoods in Lakewood Ranch offer something to its residents beyond the traditional amenities. For instance, some have a private pool just for villa owners. Another has the villa section set apart from the single-family homes.

Indigo at Lakewood Ranch is a mid-size community with villas and single-family homes. This community is a multi-generational neighborhood of about 500 homes. The villas are located in one section of the neighborhood.

What makes this neighborhood a little more exclusive for villa owners is not only where the villas are located, but villa owners have their private pool and gathering space.

  1. Amenities: Clubhouse, gym, resort-style pool, and pickleball courts.
  2. Activities: Full-time activities director, various clubs, and special interests groups.
  3. Exclusivity: The villas have a private pool and grill area. This is restricted to villa owners. You can use the larger pool if you like. But if you want a little privacy, it is available. The private pool is a well-landscaped area and feels like a spa.
  4. Natural Surroundings: Several areas inside Indigo are preserved with green space. In addition, there is a park less than 1 mile away with walking trails.
  5. HOA Fees: Covers maintenance of lawn, irrigation system, and common area.

  • Sweetwater at Lakewood Ranch: Sweetwater is the newest community offering villas in Lakewood Ranch. This villa neighborhood is exclusive because it is gated from the remaining area. In addition, the residents have private a private clubhouse, pickleball courts, pool, and gym. These villa owners have the best of both worlds. They can use the main facilities and have their own.

🛠️Sweetwater is a new community and the amenities are currently being constructed.

💡Tips for Choosing the Best Villa Neighborhood for You

✅ Consider your lifestyle & preferences. For instance, if you do not play golf and never will, do you really want to pay the higher HOA fees?

✅ Think about your daily routines and what you need in a neighborhood. Are you looking for social activities and meeting new people?

✅ Research the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Are there nearby conveniences and access to hospitals, for example?

✅ Visit the neighborhood and look at properties. Sometimes things look better in photos than they really are. The best way to find your ideal villa is to come and visit.

❓What is the Difference Between a Villa, a Townhome and a Condo?

It is all about the legal description. For instance, typically, villas and townhomes have land that you own. Whereas in condos, you only own the air space. Condos in Florida usually require a higher downpayment and financing can be limited.

💰Are Villas Less Expensive than a House?

Yes. Villas can be less expensive to maintain because all villa owners contribute to a maintenance fund. Single-family homes are normally the cared for and funded by the owner.

⏰ What are the Benefits of Living in a Villa Home?

Villas can offer additional security due to the proximity of your neighbors. In addition, amenities such as pools and tennis courts can be shared by all villa residents to off-set expenses.

🏓How Many Pickleball Courts Does Del Webb Lakewood Ranch Have?

Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch has 8 lighted Pickleball Courts.

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