Del Webb Lakewood Ranch VS Del Webb Bayview: which is the best fit for you?

I was recently having a conversation with a client of mine from out of town who is interested in a 55+ community in SW Florida. He asked me what the difference is between Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch and Del Webb Bayview.

I thought to myself, well, that is a great article! If you are reading this, I am sure you are wondering the same thing.

Each community offers ample amenities, beautiful homes, and an active lifestyle tailored to those 55 and older. Even though these neighborhoods share the same Del Webb trademark and are only separated by just a few miles, there are some significant differences.

Deciphering information while comparing Del Webb Lakewood Ranch to Del Webb Bayview can be challenging. Today, we will dive into each location, lifestyle options, differences in housing prices, and amenities to help you make an informed decision.

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🏘️Community Size: Del Webb Bayview vs Lakewood Ranch

Building a Del Webb with ample amenities, including a full-time lifestyle director, while still making it affordable involves a formula. For instance, you must have enough homeowners to share in the expense of running an active community rich with amenities. As a result, most of these neighborhoods will be larger than most.

Del Webb Bayview

How many homes are in Del Webb Bayview in Parrish? When completed, this gated neighborhood will have 950 homes on approximately 500 acres. The community offers walking trails, protected nature preserves and full service restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.

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This community still offers new construction but is nearing the final phases. Only one section remains, and it has not been made available for purchase. However, given Del Webb’s popularity, it will only take about a year to sell out (early 2025).

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch vs Del Webb Bayview

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch

Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch is a little larger than Bayview. This community is completed with 1286 homes situated on over 640 acres. There are numerous walking trails, large ponds and outdoor seating for the restaurant.

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Because the Lakewood Ranch location is larger, you’ll find more green spaces, private walking trails and vegetation.

📍Location: Bayview Parrish vs Del Webb LWR

There are several significant differences between these two Del Webb communities and location is at the top of the list.

Del Webb Bayview Parrish

Where is Del Webb Bayview located? This neighborhood is located in the northern part of Parrish, near Interstate 75. If you are considering this community, be mindful of where you build here. Interstate 75 noise may impact you.

👎Cons to Being Located in Parrish

  • This area of Parrish is a rural area with few supporting services nearby. You will be driving at least 10 to 15 minutes for entertainment, dining, and medical services.
  • Although Parrish is growing, conveniences such as shopping and dining are limited. This is what Lakewood Ranch was like about 6 years ago. Although there isn’t much in Parrish now…wait.

👍🏼Pros to Parrish Location

  • The positive side to being in Parrish is the proximity to St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Gulfport. Instead of driving down to Sarasota for entertainment, your options in the above cities are far better for museums, cultural activities and parks.
  • In addition, being in Parrish allows easier access to Tampa International and St. Petersburg airports.
  • Building in Parrish at a lower price point may allow room for appreciation. This is a community that is starting to grow. Lakewood Ranch is established, and prices have stabilized.

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Del Webb Lakewood Ranch Location

This Del Webb is located in the northeast section of Lakewood Ranch and just off State Road 70. Access to and from the front entrance has been tricky. This part of State Road 70 has traffic driving more than 60 MPH. Plus, the road noise from this busy road is impacting parts of Del Webb.

Downtown Lakewood Ranch

As a result, the state is installing a traffic circle at the main entrance to Del Webb. This will slow traffic and provide a safer entrance and exit. Hopefully, this will also help to mitigate noise as well.

There is an additional entrance/exit to this Del Webb, which most residents use for convenience. The back exit affords easy access to local grocery stores, retail and I75.

👎Cons to Being Located in Lakewood Ranch

  • Lakewood Ranch is rated the #1 master-planned community in the United States. Because of its popularity, demand is at an all-time high, and prices for homes and dining have reflected that. Although the area is well-designed to handle traffic, you will see peak times that mirror other major cities.
  • Even though there are supporting services such as quality medical, nearby dining, and retail, there needs to be more to handle the demand during winter/snowbird season. So, some planning is recommended for dinner reservations, appointment bookings, and travel times.

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👍🏼Lakewood Ranch Location Pros

  • Lakewood Ranch is ideally located between Sarasota and Tampa. Access to airports is just a short drive. Plus, inside Lakewood Ranch, you can find commercial areas such as Waterside and Downtown Lakewood Ranch.
  • Lakewood Ranch is a 10-minute drive to the mall and specialty retail. University Shoppes also offers a variety of fine dining.

🏖️How Far From the Beaches Are the 2 Del Webbs?

🌊Nearest Beaches to Del Webb Bayview

How far is Del Webb Bayview from the beaches? To the north, Apollo Beach is approximately 20 miles away and is the closest beach to Bayview. However, if you head south, you will find Holmes Beach, 21 miles away, and Bradenton Beach, 23 miles away.

If you want to skip the heavy traffic head to Apollo Beach. Although St. Pete is a little farther away, traffic will be less of a burden than Anna Maria Island.

🐚How far is Del Webb Lakewood Ranch from the Beaches?

Beaches close to Lakewood Ranch

Bradenton Beach, located roughly 22 miles from Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch, is the closest beach. However, driving to Bradenton Beach vs. Lido Key (23.4 miles) may take additional time. You may be better off going to Lido Key and avoiding Anna Maria Island.

Because of the traffic flow and drawbridge leading to Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island, traffic can be a killer. But when you arrive on Anna Maria Island, you can beach hop to several locations.

Deciding which beach to go to will depend on the time of day and month you are going. High season and late afternoons are a no-go for Anna Maria Island.

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🥳Amenities Bayview VS Lakewood Ranch

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch

Many people looking for an active adult community in Florida want a place to socialize, participate in physical activities, and enjoy indoor table games. Neighborhoods designed to meet those requirements become popular places for retirement living. So, how do these two Del Webbs compare?

Both Del Webb communities have a resort style pool, a state of the art gym, bocce ball and pickleball courts. So, below are the differences that each community offers.

✅The Bayview Difference

Resistant Pool

Although Del Webb Bayview has 25% less homes than the Lakewood Ranch location, it still offers a generous sized clubhouse with various meeting rooms, a full kitchen, art room and gym. Here are a few highlights.

  • 6 Pickleball Courts
  • Resistance Pool
  • 2 Tennis Courts: Cushioned Courts
  • Restaurant with an Outdoor Bar & Pool Table
  • Gym with Latest Equipment, including 6 indoor spin bikes.
  • Outdoor Theater
  • High-Speed Internet & TV Included in HOA Fees

✅Del Webb Lakewood Ranch

Del Webb Pickleball Courts

Because this Del Webb is larger than Bayview, the clubhouse, more meeting rooms, and ballroom size reflect the need for additional space. In addition, there are additional outdoor courts for the same reason.

  • 8 Pickleball Courts
  • 4 Tennis Courts: Har-Tru
  • Pro shop
  • Seating Areas Inside & Outside Clubhouse with built-in Gas Fireplaces
  • Restaurant with Outdoor Covered Restaurant by Lake
  • Large gym and Group Fitness


Bayview has smaller facilities than its sister community in Lakewood Ranch but offers some amenities that the other does not. Everything is a trade-off.

  • The restaurant in Bayview has a better design and atmosphere
  • Bayview also offers high-speed internet and TV with the HOA fee.
  • Bayview has an outdoor theater with a grass lawn.
  • Lakewood Ranch has more pickleball & tennis courts. The tennis courts are a better surface (more expensive) for playing than Bayview’s.
  • Lakewood Ranch also has a pro shop for convenience.
  • The clubhouse in Lakewood Ranch is larger & has more meeting rooms and covered outdoor seating.

💰Home Prices Del Webb Bayview VS Lakewood Ranch

Why are home prices less at Del Webb Bayview versus Lakewood Ranch? Both are by the same builder, so what is the difference?

Several factors impact the price of a home. Most know the rule of location, location, which is true. Although location will make homes in Bayview less expensive, there are also a few more elements at play here.

If you have read any of my other blog posts or watched my videos, you probably know I used to live in Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch. I have also sold new construction and resale homes there for years. Because of my experience, I am familiar with the building materials used, the size of lots, etc.

Let’s break down the difference in price between the two Del Webb locations.

  • Lot Size: Overall, the lots in Bayview are smaller than Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch. For instance, a typical lot size for a 1800-2000 sq ft home is 50×130 in Lakewood Ranch. Bayview’s lot size will be 50 x 120. Larger homesites in Lakewood Ranch can be as deep as 150 feet. Whereas Bayview, most lots are the same 120 ft depth with only a few exceptions.
  • Swimming Pools: If you want a swimming pool, your space will be limited due to the length of the lots in Bayview. Because the lots are larger (scaled to size of home) you will have ample room for a pool in Del Webb Lakewood Ranch.
  • Materials Used: A few items separate these two communities regarding construction. One significant difference is the roofing materials. Bayview has shingle roofs, which are less expensive and last 1/2 the time. Meanwhile, Del Webb Lakewood Ranch has cement tile roofs. These roofs are nearly twice as costly to install/replace and have a longer life expectancy than shingle roofs.
  • Impact Glass for Windows: The Lakewood Ranch location only offered impact glass as an upgrade. At Bayview, impact glass is standard (as of this writing, it may change).

The price difference between Del Webb Bayview and Lakewood Ranch is based primarily on the lot sizes and roofing materials. Other minor differences, such as window sill material, limited upgrades help cut costs in Bayview.

🧐Search Homes for Sale in DW Bayview & Lakewood Ranch

🪧Homes for Sale Del Webb Lakewood Ranch

🪧Homes for Sale Del Webb Bayview

📑Summary: Del Webb Bayview VS Del Webb LWR

Del Webb Bayview and Del Webb Lakewood Ranch are both amenity-rich active-adult communities in southwest Florida. The main differences between these two 55+ neighborhoods are the following.

📍Location: Lakewood Ranch leads the country as the #1 master-planned community. This established area offers nearby conveniences such as shopping, dining, and entertainment. Parrish is a newer area with less commercial development.

Even though Parrish is still a rural area compared to Lakewood Ranch, its popularity and increased housing demand are bringing more conveniences. Both Lakewood Ranch and Parrish are equal distances to beautiful beaches.

🥳 Amenities: Both Del Webb communities offer spacious clubhouses, gyms and outdoor pickleball and tennis. Bayview has a better-designed restaurant than its sister community. Bayview also has a resistance pool and offers high-speed internet and TV.

Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch has a larger clubhouse and more pickleball and tennis courts. The quality of the tennis courts are superior to Bayview’s.

Because this Lakewood Ranch location is larger, there is additional green space throughout the community. As a result, you will find more walking trails and ponds.

💰Home Prices: The base price of homes in Del Webb Bayview is less than that in Lakewood Ranch. This is due to several factors, such as the size of the homesites and the quality of construction materials used. Homesites in Lakewood Ranch are larger and have concrete roof tiles vs. asphalt shingles found in Bayview.

No matter which Del Webb neighborhood you choose, you will find numerous daily activities, the opportunity to socialize, ample amenities and a great place to call home.

💵What are the HOA Fees for Del Webb Bayview?

The HOA fees at Del Webb Bayview depend on the size or series of home you have. The monthly fees are as follows: The Villas $357; Scenic $347; Distinctive $353; Echelon $368. There is also a yearly food and beverage fee of $410 per household regardless of the size of the home.

⁉️Why are Homes Less Expensive in Del Webb Bayview vs Del Webb Lakewood Ranch?

Several factors determine the price difference. First is location, second is lot sizes, and third is construction materials. Overall, Del Webb Lakewood Ranch has larger homesites, is currently in a better location, and uses a few higher-quality building materials than Del Webb Bayview.

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