Living in Sarasota vs Naples

This article looks at living in Sarasota vs Naples. It is a lifestyle questionnaire built to help a reader decide which area is right for them. Certain issues like travel, nightlife, food and healthcare are examined. A full list of questions is provided.

St. Patrick’s Day Sarasota & Bradenton 2020

Saint Patrick's Day Sarasota

Saint Patrick’s Day in Sarasota and Bradenton is going to be a great time, celebrated with the traditional Irish fare. Below are some of the best parties in town, organized and ready just for you.  Whether you are looking for a big Irish festival in Sarasota/Bradenton or being in an Irish pub having corned beef … Continued

Sarasota Area Christmas 2019

christmas lights in sarasota

ContentsSarasota Christmas Events 2019šŸŽ„Things to do for Christmas Sarasota & BradentonšŸŽ…šŸ»Breakfast with Santa in SarasotašŸŽ„Christmas in Lakewood RanchšŸ‘«Christmas Events for Adults in SarasotašŸŽHoliday Craft Fairs In Sarasota & Bradenton AreasāœØSarasota Christmas Lightsā›µļøSarasota and Bradenton Boat ParadesšŸŽ¶Christmas Parade SarasotašŸ“Sarasota Restaurants Open Christmas Day Sarasota Christmas Events 2019 Even though it may be a chilly 50 degrees … Continued

22 Fun Things to Do in Bradenton

Things to do in Bradenton

Looking for something to do in Bradenton?Ā Ā If you are already here, you know about the beautiful waterways around the city between Tampa and Sarasota.Ā  As well as the vast boating activities you can enjoy with over a 20-mile waterway stretch between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Aside from Bradentonā€™s fabulous beaches what else … Continued

Thanksgiving Dinner in Sarasota & Bradenton

Thanksgiving Dinner in Bradenton

ContentsThanksgiving Dinner in Sarasota & BradentonšŸ—Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch ThanksgivingšŸŽƒThanksgiving Dinner in SarasotašŸƒThanksgiving Meals to Go in Sarasota AreašŸ°Thanksgiving Pies & Desserts in SarasotašŸ™Thanksgiving Blessing for You Thanksgiving Dinner in Sarasota & Bradenton Did you know that the first Thanksgiving in America lasted three days? If that were the case today, I guarantee you my pants would … Continued

How to Pick a Lot for a New Home in Florida

Back To Top Choosing a lot for your new home in Florida may actually be more important than what you put inside of it.Ā  If you are building a new home, in Florida, there are a few things you will want to consider before you make your lot selection. Location, location, location.Ā  It is still … Continued

What are Buyer’s Closing Costs in Florida?

what are buyers closing costs in florida

Buyerā€™s closing costs in Florida can vary depending on what you purchase and how you pay for it.Ā  So, if you are thinking about buying a home or condo in the Sunshine State, you have come to the right place for a complete breakdown of the typical buyerā€™s closing costs in Florida.   You May … Continued