What Are Seller’s Closing Costs in Florida?

seller's closing costs in fl

Congratulations on being proactive and doing research in regards to knowing your closing costs when you sell a home. Ā Sellerā€™s closing costs vary depending on what state your home is located.Ā  Some states like Florida have fees attached to the deed. Ā Unlike the buyerā€™s closing costs, the fees a seller pays to close on a … Continued

Easter Brunch in Sarasota and Bradenton 2020

Easter Brunch in Sarasota 2018

Places to Go for Easter Brunch in Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch Click Here to Stay Up to Date On Holiday Events Table of Contents: Easter Brunch in Sarasota Easter Brunch in Bradenton & Lakewood Ranch Homes for Sale in Bradenton Are you looking for a great place for Easter Brunch in the Sarasota and … Continued

Living in Sarasota vs Naples

sarasota vs naples

This article looks at living in Sarasota vs Naples. It is a lifestyle questionnaire built to help a reader decide which area is right for them. Certain issues like travel, nightlife, food and healthcare are examined. A full list of questions is provided.

Purchasing a Condo in Florida

condos on the beach

Click Here for Top 6 Tips for Buying a Condo in Florida Purchasing a condo in Florida can be exciting, and sometimes overwhelming all at the same time.  If you have never bought a condo in Florida before, there could be a few differences from your area. You might find the following items helpful during … Continued

St. Patrick’s Day Sarasota & Bradenton 2020

Saint Patrick's Day Sarasota

Saint Patrick’s Day in Sarasota and Bradenton is going to be a great time, celebrated with the traditional Irish fare.Ā  But this year St. Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday-not fun!Ā  Or is it?? Let’s put a spin on the postive!Ā  Because it is on a Tuesday in 2020, you actually get to celebrate BOTH weekends … Continued

Sarasota Area Christmas 2019

christmas lights in sarasota

ContentsSarasota Christmas Events 2019šŸŽ„Things to do for Christmas Sarasota & BradentonšŸŽ…šŸ»Breakfast with Santa in SarasotašŸŽ„Christmas in Lakewood RanchšŸ‘«Christmas Events for Adults in SarasotašŸŽHoliday Craft Fairs In Sarasota & Bradenton AreasāœØSarasota Christmas Lightsā›µļøSarasota and Bradenton Boat ParadesšŸŽ¶Christmas Parade SarasotašŸ“Sarasota Restaurants Open Christmas Day Sarasota Christmas Events 2019 Even though it may be a chilly 50 degrees … Continued

Thanksgiving Dinner in Sarasota & Bradenton

Thanksgiving Dinner in Bradenton

ContentsThanksgiving Dinner in Sarasota & BradentonšŸ—Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch ThanksgivingšŸŽƒThanksgiving Dinner in SarasotašŸƒThanksgiving Meals to Go in Sarasota AreašŸ°Thanksgiving Pies & Desserts in SarasotašŸ™Thanksgiving Blessing for You Thanksgiving Dinner in Sarasota & Bradenton Did you know that the first Thanksgiving in America lasted three days? If that were the case today, I guarantee you my pants would … Continued